Weigh-in Day! 7/30/15

TodBMI7.30ay was the day of reckoning. Did vacation throw me off track, as usual? Nope. This time was different. When I weighed myself before my Chicago trip, I actually weighed 2 pounds more than I did this morning. What?! I ate delicious food (see below), walked a ton, and did a fun workout.

And, I succeeded in not gaining 50 pounds like I did the last time I was there (a little hyperbole never hurt anyone). This could be because I didn’t go to Starbucks twice, go to the gas station for snacks at 9pm, and eat midnight tacos all on the same day.

In case you’re interested in what I did in Chicago, check out this article: The Legacy Conference: Hope for America’s Urban Centers.

Pot roast benedict at Yolk.

Pot roast benedict at Yolk.


Something New Sunday – Resistance Band Workout

This week was my Chicago trip, and we all know how hard it can be to get in a good workout when you’re out of your element. My hubby has some resistance bands, so I looked up some workouts (since they’re easier to lug around in a suitcase than a kettlebell). I found one on Real Simple’s website of all places.

The workout was so easy to do in the tiny space of the dorm room I was staying in. The only downside was that my resistance band was too short for the shoulder press exercise. If you need something easy and portable, I highly recommend that you check it out.

Weigh-in Day! – 7/23/15


We’re heading to Chicago for our annual Legacy Conference trip! We missed last year, so I’m super excited! I love Chicago and urban ministry, so this is a perfect conference. In other news, here’s my weigh-in.

Current weight: 253.8

That’s right. I’m up. A lot. I have an explanation for this. I ate more than usual AND I only worked out once. Earthshattering, I know. Now, I get to go to a land of pizza and Italian beef and try not to lose all my progress. Wish me luck!

Something New Sunday – Baked Potato + Eggs = Magic


Topping any food ever with an egg is all the rage in the foodie world. Add a poached or fried egg to something, and it suddenly becomes gourmet. For a while, I just thought all the cooking competition show judges were a bit gullible. “Don’t fall for the old top-it-with-an-egg trick,” I would think. However, my negative perception came crashing down when I tried Snack Girl’s egg-filled, baked avocado.

This week, we had an abundance of potatoes and eggs in the house, so I took them to work for lunch. All I did was microwave the potato for a few minutes to bake it, cut it open, crack open a couple of eggs and put them on top, and then stick them back in the microwave for a bit.

Runny yolks...yum!

While I would recommend the oven for at least the last step, the end result was amazing! The velvety yolk broke open and acted almost like a replacement for butter (but not in an “I guess I can choke it down and pretend it’s close to what I actually want to eat” sort of way). Add seasoning as desired (this one has steak seasoning on top). If you like runny yolks, you must try this!

Weigh-in Day! – 7/16/15


Total weight lost: 25.4 pounds

This is 2.6 pounds down from last week. I hit a couple of milestones today. I hit the big 2-5 in total weight lost, plus I left the 40’s in BMI (40 and above is considered morbidly obese).

It’s my biggest loss in a very long time, and that’s during a week that I ate some delicious food. Check out the list: a wedding cupcake, KFC mac and cheese, an M&M cookie, Jets pizza, a diet Pepsi float, root beer chata, and probably way too much coffee (and that’s just what I could think of right this second).

In case you’re wondering what I’m working on, here are my current goals:

Goals 7/16/15

This is on my computer, so I can remind myself of my goals. It includes some workout and eating goals, plus the next pound down (to remind myself to take my time) and “Change Project” to remind myself to read this great book by Tim Chester called You Can Change.

This book is helping me keep my focus on why I am on this journey. There are all kinds of reasons to lose weight but none of the usual ones have been enough for me to stick to it. I have been putting food and weight loss on a pedestal for too long. I am Christian, and I worship the God of the Bible. He deserves all my praise, not a bowl of ice cream or the latest fitness craze. It sounds pretty ridiculous when you think about it, but it’s been my normal for so long that I was blind too it. Time to smash some idols.


My Own Little Food World – Part 2

My first year of volleyball

My first year of volleyball

My Senior year

Even if you don’t read this, you have to see the pictures! So, how did a chubby, clumsy eleven-year-old girl turn into captain, setter, and MVP of her volleyball team her Senior year? Obsession. I loved sports. My dad took me to Pacers games, my brother played one-on-one with me all the time, and I memorized every stat on the back of my thousands of basketball cards. When I felt out of place and unfeminine mostly as a result of my weight, I clung to sports for my identity.

The problem was that I was just terrible. Volleyball was the only sport available for homeschooled girls like me in the Indianapolis area. My first season of volleyball, I had two successful hits: one off my head and one off my shoulder. I spent most of the season uncomfortable and embarrassed. I practiced like crazy and improved very slowly.

When someone finally started a home school girl’s basketball team in my Indianapolis, I weighed 213 pounds at age 14. I was exhausted after one sprint, which makes it tough to be good at any sport. So, I decided it was time to change.

I knew losing weight was the only way for me to do well. My weight loss strategy was to eat half of what everyone else was eating and make weird rules. Examples: No pork, no beef, no chips, no butter, no pop, no taste. 🙂 If there were hot dogs, I would just eat the bun with ketchup and mustard. No butter on my potatoes and no dressing for my salad.

It was weird, but it worked. By the end of the next season, I had lost 70 pounds. Plus, I went from last player off the bench to a starter. I got what I wanted. At least, that’s what I thought.

Instructional basketball - Age 10 or 11?

Instructional basketball – Age 10 or 11?

Basketball Senior Night

Basketball Senior Night

My basketball card collection and Pacers themed room

My basketball card collection and Pacers themed room in High School

Something New Sunday – Barre Workout

I love trying new things. When it comes to my health, it helps me from getting bored. Until at least the end of August, I’m going to post something each Sunday that I tried the week before.

My “Something New” this week is barre. I’m way behind on this fitness trend. It seems that every gym has a barre class. It’s basically ballet for fitness mixed with Pilates movements and a few other things.

It was easy to get started. I found a barre workout for beginners on YouTube on the Jessica Smith TV channel. My “barre” was a dining room chair, and I only needed about 8 feet of space. I’m far from being a ballerina, so I’m sure I didn’t look quite as graceful as the woman in the video. However, it was a lot of fun, and my leg muscles burned almost immediately.

If you’re interested in trying it out for yourself, the workout is posted above. It’s a nice alternative for when you can’t get to the gym, need a break from the treadmill, or want to supplement your strength training routine.

Weigh-in day! – 7/9/15

I’ll be posting every Thursday about my progress, including a weight and BMI update. I understand these are not the only tools to use when gauging progress, but these are the ones most people can relate to. So…here we go:

Progress Update 7/9/15

Total weight lost: 22.8 pounds

This is 0.8 pounds down from last week, which sounds about right after having a night on the town with the girls from church to celebrate our friend Lindsey getting married this week (nothing crazy…just dinner and games at Dave and Buster’s). I ordered fairly sensibly, but I also had a few tastes here and there of things like pizza bites (which were way more yummy than my dinner, by the way). Overall, though, I had a pretty solid week. Congratulations, Lindsey! Lindsey's party

My Own Little Food World – Part 1


This. This picture is a summary of my childhood weight. I’m the one at the top of the pile, of course. As you can see, I was just slightly bigger than my friends in this picture (who also happened to be members of my Writer’s Club). Some of my other memories about my weight as a child include being called a hippo by a random girl when I was riding my bike and making myself sick by eating an entire box of Little Debbies at a party. The one that stands out the most is being excited at age 8 that I weighed the same as my favorite figure skater Kristi Yamaguchi. I looked that up on the charts and it puts me at around the 98% or 99% weight percentile for my age at the time. This is where my weight story begins, but it’s far from over.