Something New Sunday – Barre Workout

I love trying new things. When it comes to my health, it helps me from getting bored. Until at least the end of August, I’m going to post something each Sunday that I tried the week before.

My “Something New” this week is barre. I’m way behind on this fitness trend. It seems that every gym has a barre class. It’s basically ballet for fitness mixed with Pilates movements and a few other things.

It was easy to get started. I found a barre workout for beginners on YouTube on the Jessica Smith TV channel. My “barre” was a dining room chair, and I only needed about 8 feet of space. I’m far from being a ballerina, so I’m sure I didn’t look quite as graceful as the woman in the video. However, it was a lot of fun, and my leg muscles burned almost immediately.

If you’re interested in trying it out for yourself, the workout is posted above. It’s a nice alternative for when you can’t get to the gym, need a break from the treadmill, or want to supplement your strength training routine.


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