Weigh-in Day! – 7/16/15


Total weight lost:Β 25.4 pounds

This is 2.6 pounds down from last week. I hit a couple of milestones today. I hit the big 2-5 in total weight lost, plus I left the 40’s in BMI (40 and above is considered morbidly obese).

It’s my biggest loss in a very long time, and that’s during a week that I ate some delicious food. Check out the list: a wedding cupcake, KFC mac and cheese, an M&M cookie, Jets pizza, a diet Pepsi float, root beer chata, and probably way too much coffee (and that’s just what I could think of right this second).

In case you’re wondering what I’m working on, here are my current goals:

Goals 7/16/15

This is on my computer, so I can remind myself of my goals. It includes some workout and eating goals, plus the next pound down (to remind myself to take my time) and “Change Project” to remind myself to read this great book by Tim Chester called You Can Change.

This book is helping me keep my focus on why I am on this journey. There are all kinds of reasons to lose weight but none of the usual ones have been enough for me to stick to it. I have been putting food and weight loss on a pedestal for too long. I am Christian, and I worship the God of the Bible. He deserves all my praise, not a bowl of ice cream or the latest fitness craze. It sounds pretty ridiculous when you think about it, but it’s been my normal for so long that I was blind too it. Time to smash some idols.



7 thoughts on “Weigh-in Day! – 7/16/15

    • Awesome. πŸ™‚ I’m just gradually adding in healthy foods and reducing my calories. I’ve used myfitnesspal some, especially early on, but I’ve decided that I don’t want to depend on it so I only use it on occasion. I focus a lot on protein and fruits and veggies, but I allow myself to eat other things too. If I say I can’t have something, then it’s all I want to eat.


      • Sounds like we’re very similar! I also focused on calories while I was losing weight, added a some new, nutrient dense foods (those veggies lol), but I still enjoyed the foods I liked too-I didn’t cut anything out because I knew I had to be realistic about what I could do long term πŸ™‚ I also threw in intermittent fasting, but really that’s just a fancy way of counting calories. I didn’t discover My Fitness Pal until after I transitioned into maintenance, but it’s a pretty good site-I still use it to spot check my maintenance calories and macros.

        I just found your blog yesterday through someone sharing on FB (I wonder if we’re in the same area/have a similar friend?), and I’m really enjoying your blog-do you have a following option like an email subscription or bloglovin?


      • I checked out your blog too, and we definitely seem like we’re on the same page. πŸ™‚ I’m just getting started, so I haven’t looked into email or bloglovin yet. I’ll let you know if I get that figured out. Until then, I suggest following my Facebook page if you haven’t yet since I share all of my blog posts on there. Just search for All or Something Weight Loss and it should come up.


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