Something New Sunday – Baked Potato + Eggs = Magic


Topping any food ever with an egg is all the rage in the foodie world. Add a poached or fried egg to something, and it suddenly becomes gourmet. For a while, I just thought all the cooking competition show judges were a bit gullible. “Don’t fall for the old top-it-with-an-egg trick,” I would think. However, my negative perception came crashing down when I tried Snack Girl’s egg-filled, baked avocado.

This week, we had an abundance of potatoes and eggs in the house, so I took them to work for lunch. All I did was microwave the potato for a few minutes to bake it, cut it open, crack open a couple of eggs and put them on top, and then stick them back in the microwave for a bit.

Runny yolks...yum!

While I would recommend the oven for at least the last step, the end result was amazing! The velvety yolk broke open and acted almost like a replacement for butter (but not in an “I guess I can choke it down and pretend it’s close to what I actually want to eat” sort of way). Add seasoning as desired (this one has steak seasoning on top). If you like runny yolks, you must try this!


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