Weigh-in Day! – 8/7/15

Weight8.7.15Last week’s weight: 251

Total pounds lost: 27.2

This week I made a major breakthrough. I’ve been working at gradually weaning myself off of My Fitness Pal. This week, I didn’t track at all and still lost I am all for people tracking their food intake if that’s what works for them. However, it’s not for me. At least, not for the long-term.

This week, I didn’t track at all. And, I lost over 3 pounds! Not everything was picture perfect this week, though. Yesterday, I counted cleaning my house as my physical activity and then proceeded to eat three desserts.

The beauty about my weight loss journey this time around is that I know days like yesterday will happen and I have a plan for it. Just keep going. I don’t beat myself up. I don’t punish myself with extra workouts or starvation. I enjoy my dessert and I move on.


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