I’m back!

Cookies!I’ve been away from my blog for about a week. What have I been doing, you wonder? Stress eating. But, wait! “I thought this blog was to help you stay on track,” you say. “I thought you were doing so well,” you say (more like I say…let’s keep it real). Yes, but to stay on track, I need to be honest. And, even the most successful person’s journey has a lot of hills and valleys.

Emotional eating has been my go-to move for most of my adult life, and this week was emotional to say the very least. The good news is that instead of eating a package of Oreos, I only ate a couple. When I got to work on Monday, I was met with a box of donuts in the lunch room. I opened the box, looked inside, thought “A donut won’t solve my problems,” and walked away. That, my friends, is progress.


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