Weigh-in Day! – 9/10/15 (Downs and Ups and Downs)


Previous weight: 247.8 (8/13/15)

Current weight: 246.6

Total weight lost: 28.4

When you see these numbers, you might reasonably assume that I have slowly lost a pound over the last month. What really happened? I’ve actually lost a pound, gained four, and lost three…or something like that. All I know is that my weight looked more like a zigzag than a straight line down.

What is really encouraging to me, though, is that my normal today is so different from my normal eight months ago. Routines change, stress goes up and down (let’s be honest, mostly up), and motivation comes and goes. However, my health is closer to the top of my priority list. It might not always be as high as it should be, but it wasn’t even on my radar last December.

Life is crazy, and sometimes it makes me want to dive head first into a vat of chocolate. This morning, though, I was satisfied with my fresh fruit, yogurt, and coffee with some creamer and chocolate syrup. As time goes on, I’m hoping for more days like today and only an occasional vat of chocolate.


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