My Own Little Food World – Part 5

Wedding pic2

By the end of my college years, I had tried several different diets. South Beach gave me some good results initially, but it was impossible to stick to and had me drinking Vanilla Coke Zero when all I really wanted was a piece of fruit. Messed up. Along the way, I picked up several tidbits of knowledge about what works best for me. While I continued to gain the weight back, I was preparing myself by learning habits that would help me in the future. For instance, I learned that protein would help me control hunger and that small meals throughout the day work well for me (not for everyone, but definitely for me).

In 2010, I started dating a really cute guy who I ended up marrying a year later. While we were dating, I lost 30-40 pounds by going to the gym and controlling my portions. I didn’t track my calories, but I also didn’t always feel like eating since I was dealing with some health issues. When we got married in November 2011, I weighed 180 pounds and felt pretty good.

My gym was being annoying (not applying credits to my account from referrals and not being open when I went even though they claimed to be 24 hours), so I decided to cancel my membership. That, along with life changes and having two amazing cooks under the same roof, was the beginning of three years of steady weight gain. I would go on for a while without a care in the world, then something would snap me out of my food coma, I would weigh myself, be in utter shock at the number, work on things for a bit, and then I was on my merry way gaining more than I would lost. This repeated so many times I couldn’t count. That is, until one day I woke up at the end of 2014 at 275 pounds (see picture below).

A picture of me at 275 pounds that helped motivate me to lose weight.

A picture of me at 275 pounds that helped motivate me to start losing weight.

You are probably not surprised to hear that I felt miserable. I had trouble moving and I just felt kind of sick most of the time. At that point, I knew it was time to make a change. And this time, I needed it to be for the rest of my life.I wanted to have fun with the 5-year-old who had just moved into our home. I wanted to be healthy and beautiful for my husband. I wanted to be free from grasp food had on me for such a long time. And so, it began.


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