Like Water for Coffee


Coffee has gotten me through at least 5 mornings a week for the past year. I used to drink it as a special treat. Now that we have a kiddo in the house, though, it’s purely for survival. Based on the numbers (and memes) I’ve seen, chances are you can relate if you have a job, go to school, have kids, or breathe and live in the United States.

At one point in my weight loss journey, I attempted to cut back on my daily sweet, creamy, flavor-filled habit. It totally backfired, per usual. Instead of wanting less coffee, it was nearly all I could think about until I had a cup. In my defense, my “coffee problem” (actually a flavored creamer problem) only ever made it to two cups a day, and that was on a really tough day. However, I clearly had developed way too much dependence on the stuff.

Fast forward to this week. I came into work the other day with a nasty cold and decided to swap my coffee for an herbal tea to soothe my throat (a bold move, I know). When I went to get my hot water, there was a pool of coffee on the counter that was pouring onto the floor. The coffee maker was out of order…begin widespread panic. 🙂 For some reason, it didn’t bother me like it would have before. Possibly, I was just too sick to care at the time. The next day, I brought in an instant pumpkin spice coffee mix to get me through, but that was my last cup of morning coffee for the work week. Instead, I drank a bunch of water.

And…drum roll…I didn’t die. Or even feel like I was dying. In fact, I turned down a cup at a friend’s house one night because I really just wanted sugar and was satisfied by the delicious chocolate chip cookie I had instead. It’s nice to know that if there is a zombie apocalypse and I don’t have access to coffee that it won’t be my undoing. Now, if I could only tackle that sugar dependency…


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