My Six-Week Check-In

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As I have been losing weight, I’ve been using a weight loss tracking tool from the Half Size Me website. I made a chart from my nine six-week check-ins to get a visual, and it’s a beauty! If I made a chart of every time I stepped on the scale, it would look more like this:


Taking a step back and seeing the overall trend is so encouraging. It’s so easy to get trapped in a comparison game, since there were a lot of people who started around the same time I did and have lost a lot more weight. Ultimately, I don’t want my journey to be about me anyway, even though that’s the message I get from everyone everywhere. What matters is where my heart is and what my priorities are as I follow Jesus. When I make anything about me, things fall apart. I just have to remind myself to compare myself with where I was back around the end of December and where I was six weeks ago, and where I was yesterday.


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