Book Store Endurance and the Kettlebell Swing


My husband and I love book stores. We’ve been on more dates at book stores than I can count, and we never get tired of it. My back, however, has. There have been many times when my hubby has been immersed in a book search and I have been sitting on any chair or stool I can find in hopes of getting some pain relief.

My back started giving me trouble about 10 years ago on a flight to Israel. Since then, it has come and gone, but never lasted until this January. At my heaviest of 275 pounds, I was in just general pain. My back would hurt if I’d been standing for a while (like browsing through books for too long). I started working out my second week into my weight loss journey, and I may have gotten a bit carried away. My back started hurting constantly. I tried resting it, working out through it, asking the doctor about it, and looking up physical therapy exercises. Nothing helped.

My parents, who know my book obsession all too well, gave me a Barnes and Nobles gift card for my birthday last month. One of my purchases was The Swing by Tracy Reifkind. It’s about using the kettlebell swing to get fit and lose weight. She lost a ton of weight doing just that.

When I started the program, I could only use a 5 pound kettlebell because of my back (which is an issue with my SI joint, according to my doctor). That quickly turned into 15 pounds, which has turned into stronger muscles supporting my SI joint. After nearly a year of constant pain, it’s down to hurting only around 5-10% of the time.

Last night, I was able to enjoy my first pain free trip to the book store in a long time. Of course, I’ve noticed other benefits from my routine, such as more energy and the ability to lift hundreds of large cabbages over the course of an hour or two (I helped at a food truck sponsored by our awesome school district).

Plus, I love it’s simplicity. All I need is a kettlebell and about five feet of space. I’m a fan of any exercise that lets me do what I love without a lot of fuss, so I guess I’ll keep swinging those kettlebells.


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