Slow Down


In most things in life, I take my time:

  • Washing dishes
  • Making decisions
  • Running (actually, I think it’s considered walking…)
  • Reading (I love to read, but I also like soak everything in as I go.)

Some call it slow. I call it detail oriented and intentional. Even though striving to be faster at some things has its benefits (deciding where to eat dinner, for example), I’m learning to embrace my slower tendencies.

In the realm of weight loss, I’m focusing on savoring my food instead of wolfing it down. I’ve decided that I would rather have a little bit of some exceptionally delicious food and take my time than eat a bunch of so-so food. My dessert plate at Thanksgiving dinner this week will be a true test of how I’m applying this lesson. 🙂

It’s not just limited to food or weight loss, though. I spend so much of my time rushing from one place to task to another that I don’t appreciate God’s beautiful creation or the good gifts He’s given me.

The world around me tends to value productivity and efficiency, but taking my time and noticing the details helps me remember what really matters, from a beautiful sunset to a fun date with my husband to story time with the kiddo.


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