5 Things I Did To Get Started


Check out my shiny new toy! It’s a Garmin Vivosmart. My husband bought it for me for Christmas. Woohoo!

Almost no one asks me how I’ve lost weight. Most people get questions about this when they drop pounds, but I have only had one or two. I have a few of potential explanations.

  • Maybe people don’t notice because I’m taking it slow.
  • Maybe I don’t bring up the topic much.
  • Maybe I volunteer too much information and advice (if that’s the case, I’m sorry because it’s about to happen again).

Well, since I was getting started around a year ago and lots of people are going to be getting started in about a week, I’ve decided to share what I did first…even though no one asked. And, now to the list!

  1. Take some time to reflect. It was easy for me get so caught up in every day life that I didn’t notice things like how my clothes fit, or how I looked in pictures, or how I had stretch marks that hurt (I didn’t know that was possible). Even with all the craziness around me, I decided to take a step back and have an honest look at how my actions were affecting me and the people around me.
  2. Just do something. I am so good at researching and dreaming about things that I want to do. The problem is that I rarely get past that stage. This is why I’ve never written a book (I’ve started several), tried to get my poetry published, become fluent in Spanish, or played in the NBA (okay, there are SEVERAL reasons why I didn’t fulfill this childhood dream). This time around, I did something different. I didn’t wait until Monday or until after Christmas or until January 1st. I didn’t wait until I had everything figured out. I got got started.
  3. Find support. About a week into losing weight, I met with my good friend Deanna. This lady is serious about fitness. She has been in figure competitions, is a consultant for ViSalus, and volunteers as a coach for Girls on the Run. She also has a family and a job and is active in her kids’ schools and at church. From the outside, I was mystified at how she fit in things like exercise and food prep. I also had to know how she could be healthy and still eat delicious food at parties. She walked me through a typical day for her and explained a few of her strategies. Trying to lose weight and keep it off on my own had never worked. Finding steady support was crucial, and I knew Deanna wasn’t going to quit.
  4. Figure out your current habits. For the first few days after that meeting, I tracked my food using MyFitnessPal without any other pressure or expectations. I just wanted to know what my starting point was. My physical activity was nearly non-existent other than walking up the stairs at night to put the kiddo to bed, so that was easy to figure out.
  5. Set one or two easy goals. Once I had a handle on my existing habits, I started working on improving them. Following Deanna’s advice, I focused on two goals per week. I started with the easy stuff, like going to the gym twice a week. I didn’t worry about setting up a perfect workout routine first. I just had to get myself there, and whatever came next was just a bonus. Ramping up slowly allowed me to get the habits to really sink in and become a natural part of my life.

So, there you have it: the first baby steps in my weight loss journey. Keep in mind that everyone is different and just because I did it doesn’t mean it will work the exact same way for everyone. However, I hope this is helpful if you’d like to lose weight, get healthy, or change any habit but don’t know where to start.



2 thoughts on “5 Things I Did To Get Started

  1. I am so proud of you Becky! This type of journey is never easy, and it is a life-long one. I am so blessed to have you as a friend, and me helping you has also helped me to continue on my journey and stay more focused. So, thank you!!


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