5 things that are keeping me from losing weight


239 pounds – January 2016

I thought it might be time for a new progress picture. The last one I posted was in August. In the five months that have passed since then, I’ve lost about 8 pounds. If you do the math, that’s about 0.4 pounds a week. The downward trend is nothing to sneeze at, but rate could be better.

So, what’s holding me back? Well, as you probably figured out from the title, I have a new list of five things to answer that question.

  1. Intentional maintenance breaks: When the gyms were packed and the stores were all pushing fitness gear during the first week of the year, I was eating at my maintenance calories. I enjoyed the extra food and the lack of pressure.
  2. Getting sloppy: I’ll admit I’ve been cutting corners here and there. A few too many skipped workouts, extra bites of dessert, and a few too many days of sleeping in when I should be getting things done has added up. This is not new to me, so at least I know how to come back from it.
  3. Divided attention: Fitness and weight loss is not my whole life. Along with my every day responsibilities and relationships, I have been working on keeping my house clean and taking better care of myself. It’s a challenge to balance all of these goals, and weight loss has taken a back seat on occasion.
  4. Good food: I like to eat. A lot. Anything, really. I’m not picky. However, there has been an extraordinary amount of very good food in my life recently. I have decided to eat it more often than not. I stand by my choices.
  5.  Excuses: No matter what’s holding me back, I have to admit that most of it has been my moment by moment decisions, for better or worse. I’m not going to beat myself up about it, but it’s time to act like a grown up and take responsibility. It’s time to rein it in.



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