Hot Cheetos in My Yogurt

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As I was sitting at my computer after work and trying this new flavor of Chobani Flip, Facebook yelled at me. Apparently, it’s been 10 days since my last blog post. So, here I am with nothing to exciting other than the fact that I love mango and this yogurt tastes like mango yogurt with hot Cheetos dumped in it. That probably sounds disgusting to most people, but I thought it was surprisingly tasty. Still odd, but tasty.

On a completely unrelated note, I have officially committed to coaching a Preschool/Kindergarten soccer team with my wonderful friend Melissa. I played one season of club soccer in college, and it was a halfhearted attempt because I was also in a play at the time. To sum it up, I was much better at playing a bear in the Magician’s Nephew than I was at playing soccer. However, I’m confident that I’m better that soccer than a significant percentage of 4-year-old kids. More good news is that my friend is a soccer expert and great with kids.

Since I’ve been slacking lately, I’ll post again tomorrow with some goal updates for March. Happy Leap Day, everyone!


What’s Next

direction-1013995_1280It’s been a while since my last post. so it’s time for an update. I am beginning to emerge from my winter slump. I felt a pull to quit earlier this week and just go back to my old habits.To be honest, I was trying to get by with doing as little as possible on the weight loss front. Expecting results with zero effort is not exactly realistic. I don’t want to go back to how I was, because I was miserable in a lot of ways back at 275 pounds. So, I’m focusing on doing something (anything) to get back to business.

My two goals right now are writing in my journal and hitting my step goal on my Garmin. I’m not the kind of person who stresses if I don’t hit 10,000 steps per day. In fact, I haven’t hit 10,000 steps once since I got the thing. It adjusts the goal based on how many steps I’ve been getting in, and let’s just say we’re below 5,000. I guess moving hasn’t been a top priority for me lately. Yikes.

In the food arena, I’m working on being honest with myself. If I will never eat the carrots and apple that’s been sitting in the fridge at work, maybe I should buy something healthy I will eat. While a treat or two is totally fine, I probably won’t lose weight if I eat the donuts AND the cookies AND the pizza AND…

So, I guess I’ve learned that I’m really good at maintaining my weight at this point. Looking forward, I have some exciting things coming up in March and April. I’ll be co-leading a fitness class, possibly volunteering for the kiddo’s Spring soccer program, and doing the A to Z Challenge (blogging every day in April with themes going through the alphabet starting with A on April 1st). Let me know if you have any ideas for April topics!

5 Things I Want to Read

As you can tell from my previous book store post, I am a hardcore nerd when it comes to books. While I love fiction of various types, I have a special place in my heart for non-fiction. I read fiction to escape reality, and I read non-fiction to make my reality what I dream it can be. As you can see, I’m a dreamer and an idealist (Is that good or bad or, more likely, a bit of both?). So, let me share with you a few books that are on my non-fiction reading list that are about health and fitness.


  1. Nice Girls Finish Fat is a book that I’m going to be reading soon with a book club that formed from my online weight loss community. I’m not really about putting myself first, and I feel like being nice is usually a good thing. So, I’m not sure what I’ll think. Either way, a book club is a win in and of itself.


2. It Was Me All Along has been on my radar for a while. My sister-in-law and a bunch of other people have recommended it. It’s a memoir of a blogger who struggled with food addiction and body image issues. I think I’ll be able to relate to this one.


3. Strong is a strength training program for women at any fitness level. I listened to a podcast interview with the author recently, and I would LOVE to try it out. No matter what other exercise I do, it always comes back to lifting for me.


4. Awe came up in my Facebook feed today in a post from John Piper about the spiritual side of weight loss.  Paul Tripp, the author, had a weight issue that ultimately stemmed from being more in awe of the creation than the Creator. Again, this sounds like someone I can relate to.


5. Lean Habits for Lifelong Weight Loss sounds interesting to me because it is written from a perspective that doesn’t focus on counting calories. This is a positive for me. However, it also talks about eating 3-4 meals a day without snacking…I’m not really on board with this one for obvious reasons.

I could list so many more, but I’ll stop here only because I got to five. Any books on your list that I should add to mine?