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direction-1013995_1280It’s been a while since my last post. so it’s time for an update. I am beginning to emerge from my winter slump. I felt a pull to quit earlier this week and just go back to my old habits.To be honest, I was trying to get by with doing as little as possible on the weight loss front. Expecting results with zero effort is not exactly realistic. I don’t want to go back to how I was, because I was miserable in a lot of ways back at 275 pounds. So, I’m focusing on doing something (anything) to get back to business.

My two goals right now are writing in my journal and hitting my step goal on my Garmin. I’m not the kind of person who stresses if I don’t hit 10,000 steps per day. In fact, I haven’t hit 10,000 steps once since I got the thing. It adjusts the goal based on how many steps I’ve been getting in, and let’s just say we’re below 5,000. I guess moving hasn’t been a top priority for me lately. Yikes.

In the food arena, I’m working on being honest with myself. If I will never eat the carrots and apple that’s been sitting in the fridge at work, maybe I should buy something healthy I will eat. While a treat or two is totally fine, I probably won’t lose weight if I eat the donuts AND the cookies AND the pizza AND…

So, I guess I’ve learned that I’m really good at maintaining my weight at this point. Looking forward, I have some exciting things coming up in March and April. I’ll be co-leading a fitness class, possibly volunteering for the kiddo’s Spring soccer program, and doing the A to Z Challenge (blogging every day in April with themes going through the alphabet starting with A on April 1st). Let me know if you have any ideas for April topics!


4 thoughts on “What’s Next

  1. You sound just like me in so many ways!!!!
    I just got a FitBit at Christmas and it really does help motivate to get the steps in. I set my goals at 5000 steps per day and it’s fun to make sure I get there (except today – I’m only at 2600 steps at 7pm?? Ain’t gonna happen and I’m OK with that!)

    Good luck on the A-Z Challenge. I’ve done the challenge on my weight loss blog in the past, but I’m not this year. I have 3 blogs total so I’m just concentrating on one of the others (I’m #200 on the sign up)

    Lisa at …Slow & Steady


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