Turkey sausage at last!


The life cycle of a sausage is not a glamorous one, so I will spare you the gory details (believe me when I say that I mean that literally). Tonight’s dinner was three days in the making (one for grinding the meat, one for stuffing the sausage, and one for cooking the sausage…more days if you count the turkey thawing in the refrigerator). It was my first attempt at sausage, and it was a definite success. Of course, pork would have been juicier, but the turkey was free and lower in calories. I made two flavors: barbecue bacon cheddar and red chile cilantro.

I’m also keeping myself busy reading up on gardening. Other than a tomato plant or two, I’ve never had a garden in my adult life. I have no clue what I’m doing, but I’m excited for the extra physical activity and some cheap/delicious fruits and veggies (hopefully). The first step is clearing out a whole lot of debris from my not-so-well-groomed backyard. As with most things I want to do, I’ve found a good gardening podcast called A Way to Garden by Margaret Roach.

March Goals Check-In: I’ve been feeling pretty good with my new eating habits (avoiding the chocolate and coffee, mainly). Unfortunately, it hasn’t gone as well with the no scale thing. I stuck it out through my first 6 week check-in (237.2 pounds – my lowest yet) and then weighed myself every day after that for several days. I’m staying away from the scale again until May, so I’ll have to find something else to write about in April when I do the A to Z blog challenge.



No Coffee: Day 9


Well, hello there, my new friend. What’s your name? “Homemade tea latte,” did you say?

How does one make it nine days without coffee? Maybe a better question is why would anyone put themselves through such a thing.

I have a problem. Coffee tastes great in the moment, but it also leads to all kinds of misery. My acid reflux is one thing it sets off. As does other delicious foods, like chocolate (gasp!), pop, alcohol, mint, and anything fried. Last week, I went to a painting class at my church and enjoyed some treats while my first coat of paint dried. While I loved the coffee, red velvet mini-cupcake, chocolate eclair, and whatever else I had, I also felt terrible afterward. I decided it was time to cut back.

Since then, the only things that fall into that category that I’ve consumed are three chocolate chip cookies and some tortilla chips. No coffee, very little chocolate. And, I feel amazing. I’m not going to commit to never eating or drinking any of these things, but limiting them to one or two a week is totally worth it.

Of course, I’ve had to do a little exploring when it comes to things like ice cream and hot drinks. One of my new discoveries is a homemade honey vanilla chamomile tea latte. Here are the ingredients:


All I did was microwave a mug of milk, add a tea bag, and pour in a little creamer. If you love tea or have trouble drinking coffee, try it out with the tea and creamer of your choice.


No Scale? No Problem.

0301161952.jpgThis is my scale. You may recognize it from the main picture on my blog. We’ve spent a lot of time together. We hang out a few times a week, at least. Sometimes, every day. My scale seems to be pretty important when  it comes to my goals. I want to lose weight (about 65 more pounds, probably). The name of my blog even has “Weight Loss” in it. How do you measure weight loss? You got it: a scale.

Even with all of this considered, I’m planning to back off from weighing myself as much. In fact, I’m cutting back to only 6-week check-ins. There are a few reasons I’m doing this.

  • My main goals involve being healthier, moving easier, and, if I’m being honest, being a bit smaller. While this is related to my weight, the scale isn’t really going to tell me if these things are happening. Instead, I’ll be focusing on whether I’m improving in these areas.


  • I tend to get side tracked when the scale doesn’t say what I’d like or when I see other people getting results on the scale by doing things that just wouldn’t work for me.


  • For some reason, I am a big fan of novelty. Think giant clothespins, sriracha mango yogurt, or the tiny book charms my husband bought me for Valentine’s Day. Aren’t they amazing?!


I like trying new things, so I want to see what happens if I try not weighing myself for a while. You never know when the world will suddenly run out of batteries or when you will be stranded on a desert island with no scales in sight. It’s best to be prepared.