No Coffee: Day 9


Well, hello there, my new friend. What’s your name? “Homemade tea latte,” did you say?

How does one make it nine days without coffee? Maybe a better question is why would anyone put themselves through such a thing.

I have a problem. Coffee tastes great in the moment, but it also leads to all kinds of misery. My acid reflux is one thing it sets off. As does other delicious foods, like chocolate (gasp!), pop, alcohol, mint, and anything fried. Last week, I went to a painting class at my church and enjoyed some treats while my first coat of paint dried. While I loved the coffee, red velvet mini-cupcake, chocolate eclair, and whatever else I had, I also felt terrible afterward. I decided it was time to cut back.

Since then, the only things that fall into that category that I’ve consumed are three chocolate chip cookies and some tortilla chips. No coffee, very little chocolate. And, I feel amazing. I’m not going to commit to never eating or drinking any of these things, but limiting them to one or two a week is totally worth it.

Of course, I’ve had to do a little exploring when it comes to things like ice cream and hot drinks. One of my new discoveries is a homemade honey vanilla chamomile tea latte. Here are the ingredients:


All I did was microwave a mug of milk, add a tea bag, and pour in a little creamer. If you love tea or have trouble drinking coffee, try it out with the tea and creamer of your choice.



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