Back to Basics


While I had a good wave of success from my first session of not weighing myself, I’m feeling something slip. I’m not sure what’s going on exactly, but I’m glad to start a new month since that will help me refocus. It always helps me to go back to the basics and really working at the habits that have gotten me this far. Along those lines, I’d like to share my April goals.

1. Blog every day but Sundays (Be sure to check out other participants of the A to Z challenge!).
2. Eat three servings of vegetables every day.
3. Stick to only one acid reflux trigger food per week (caffeine, coffee, chocolate, pop, mint, alcohol, and fried food).
4. Hit my step goal five out of seven days each week (we’re up to 6,500 steps…not as flashy as some step goals, but it’s an improvement for me).

What are your April goals?


2 thoughts on “Back to Basics

  1. With all my coughing, I suspect I have acid reflux as well, but when I saw the list of trigger foods, I decided to pull an ostrich and just bury my head in the sand. But my dear mom was quick to point out all the horrifying things that acid reflux can lead to if ignored. Thanks, Mom.


    • It’s a really hard change to make, and I’ve tried several times. I think it’s going to stick this time around. I’ve finally gotten to the point where feeling better is more important to me than food. It seems like an easy decision, but it’s really difficult to stay motivated.


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