Garden Update

Okay, I know this is a weight loss blog, but I have to share my progress with my gardening. I promise it’s related. Check out my very first sprouting plant!

0406161343 (1)

This little guy showed up two days ago. Now, he has some friends:


The next task is to keep some of these alive until I can plant them outside. I’m not sure if the rest will ever sprout. All of the seed packets were labeled with a difficulty of easy, so if they don’t then I guess they need to add another category (effortless, foolproof, gardening for dummies, etc.).

I’m glad that I decided to just go for it instead of just researching gardening so much that I psyched myself out. Instead of spending all of my energy planning and dreaming and waiting for the right time and situation, I just want to do things. There will never be the perfect scenario in life, so I would rather find beauty and joy and adventure right here in the middle of the chaos and imperfection.


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