life-863007_1280.jpgDuring my previous weight loss attempts, I loved to make absolute rules for myself. No desserts, no snacks, no beef or pork, no pizza. Any time a rule starts with “no,” I’m bound to break it soon. It’s like the ten commandments all over again.

Setting limits tends to work better for me. Instead of cutting out a food completely, I sometimes give myself boundaries that set me up for success with that food or an a certain event. For instance, when I go to parties or holidays, I might fill half my plate with veggies and fruit (I often bring veggies now to make sure this works) and then fill the other half with whatever I want. At Thanksgiving, I knew I wanted dessert, so I allowed myself a small plate that I filled with various sweet treats. I could enjoy the meal without felling crummy later.

I heard of other people limiting when, where, or how they can eat something. It might be no sweets until after dinner, only eating dessert with other people around, or sitting down when eating anything. All of these can be helpful.

In a lot of other places, times, or financial situations, people have a limit to what they can eat based on things they often can’t control. On the other hand, having all the options in the world can often be a health or spiritual hazard. Self control is difficult, and self control for the right reasons is even harder.


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