A Minute in My Mind


Today’s post will show you a two minute look into my mind. I spent one minute writing whatever thought popped up. Then, I took one idea from that paragraph to focus on specifically for another minute.

Be warned: I did not edit any of this, even though I desperately wanted to. This week, I’m feeling like everything has been forced, so this is just a little exercise for me to lay it all out there and be real. I let myself finish a sentence if I was in the middle, but that’s it.

Minute 1

I know this was supposed to be impromptu, but I totally tried to plan it anyway. Crazy. I’m thinking I need to organize my blog pages a little better. I love when blogs have topics up at the top of the screen to pick from. Also, I’m feel a little burnt out. I’m hoping that a week off will help.

Minute 2

Burnt out. I’m still over two weeks away from my next weigh in. I don’t know how this is going to go. I’m already a little tired of tracking my food. I’m going to stick it out, but things are going to have to change after that. I’m going to just take a second to breathe and look around me. I’m ready to start thingking about maintenance, but I know it’s a ways away.



4 thoughts on “A Minute in My Mind

  1. Just stopping by on the challenge to say Hi 🙂 I’ve been so busy with writing posts and reading others blogs that I haven’t been keeping up my posts for my Wednesday Weight Loss and I think I might need to as I haven’t done so well these past two weeks – I do find it helps checking in with others on their weight loss journey.
    A Stormy Sidekick
    Special Teaching at Pempi’s Palace


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