Volleyball Training Program


I always know that it’s going to be a good blog post when I’m crying when I write it. This is not one of those posts. Don’t get me wrong, I love volleyball. However, it’s not really a deep subject.

When I was younger, my primary concerns in the off season were to practice my skills and maintain conditioning. Things have gotten a little more complicated these days. Some of the most important joints in volleyball are trouble spots for me now. My right rotator cuff is partially torn (not painful, though, since I’ve gone through physical therapy). My left shoulder now hurts in a similar way to how my right shoulder used to feel. My back and hip fluctuate between various degrees of pain. I could go on.

With all of this in mind, I need to figure out the best way to get ready for next season. Here are my thoughts.

  • I could use some sprints. The faster I can get to the ball, the less I have to throw myself on the ground.
  • It’s probably smart for me to start doing my physical therapy exercise on my left shoulder to see if that helps.
  • My back and hip tend to feel best when I’m doing strength training like kettlebells and deadlifts. The issue is that those types of exercise also tend to lead to shoulder pain eventually. So, I need to implement lower body strength training that doesn’t involve my shoulders. Squats, perhaps (although, those sometimes hurt my knees…sigh).




4 thoughts on “Volleyball Training Program

  1. Physical therapy is key. I played volleyball in college and suffered a few different injuries. I wouldn’t have recovered and gotten back to playing if I hadn’t really dedicated some time to physical therapy. Sprints are definitely useful. As for the strength straining, maybe try talking to a physical therapist about exercises you should and should not do. They should have a good idea about that.


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