A Whole Lot of Whole Foods


I’ve been upping my vegetable game lately. The percentage of whole foods I’ve been eating has definitely gone up. Don’t get me wrong, though, I am not a clean eater. One of my ingredients for dinner was margarine (gasp!). I’m not on the Whole30. I like grains and dairy a bit too much for that.

While I am far from perfect, I am really working on eating more produce, and it’s helping me improve my eating overall. I love when I can focus on adding things instead of taking them away. I’m also trying to make more things myself. For instance, I made my own whipped cream the other day instead of buying Cool Whip. I know this doesn’t save calories, but it made my dessert much more satisfying. I’d love to do more things like that, and I’m hoping that will work well with my new gardening hobbies.


4 thoughts on “A Whole Lot of Whole Foods

  1. I’m with you! Whole foods are much better. Many evenings I wander into the kitchen in search of something to eat. My choices? Banana, Apple, orange, celery, carrots, chopped walnuts, oatmeal (not instant!). It’s frustrating when I want chips or cookies, but then I’m grateful. πŸ˜‰


  2. Whole Foods is nice, but we have a number of local-ish green grocers that we go to. The produce is good and no where near as expensive. Plus a ton of variety.

    Glad I found your blog! My wife and I are also working on improving our healthy eating, so I’ll have to go back and read more of your posts.

    Tim Brannan, The Other Side Blog
    2015 A to Z of Adventure!


    • Thanks for stopping by, Tim! We don’t have a Whole Foods near us, but I’ve been really loving a new local grocery store that has some amazing produce. I hope your healthy changes go well!


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