Xylitol, where are you?


Sweeteners seem to come in and out of style daily. When I was planning for today’s post, I went to the store to buy some xylitol. I used to have a Biggest Loser baking cookbook that had xylitol as an ingredient in several recipes, so I thought I might try it out. When I got to the store, I saw Equal (Does anyone buy this any more?), Splenda, lots of Stevia, and a bunch of sugar alternatives like agave nectar and coconut sugar. It’s really amazing how many ways you can make things sweet.

With all of those options, there was no xylitol in sight. In general, I’ve found that things like this aren’t great. I’d rather eat a smaller portion of the real thing than using a weird concoction and pretend I’m eating sugar. I’m not sure about the benefits of agave nectar and coconut sugar, but I really like both of them.

Do you have a favorite sweetener? If so, please share in the comments!



4 thoughts on “Xylitol, where are you?

  1. Hi Becky, Trying to quit sugar has been one of the most challenging things! I use Stevia in my morning coffee. I use organic maple syrup on my oatmeal (just not much). Once in a while, I’ll make chocolate chia pudding if I really need a dessert (Google it!) and use maple syrup for that, too. But if I make anything sweet to bring outside the house (I made a fabulous trifle for Easter), I use sugar, and like you, just eat less.

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  2. Visiting from A to Z. I chew xylotol gum (recommended by my dentist for dry mouth). I haven’t found a good sugar substitute. I find Stevia and monkfruit both have bitter overtones and I rarely use them. I sometimes used to bake with a sugar/stevia blend Domino put out, but it’s been discontinued. I agree with Martha – use less, eat less.

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  3. I’m not sure if either of you ladies are protein fans, but I find mixing a scoop of protein with ricotta is a really good healthy sugarless treat (depending on your protein) which you can make into a mousse like dessert or into little balls (similar to yoghurt balls). So good!


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