Gnocchi and Other Adventures


My fun new canisters from my husband. Love!

If you eat gluten-free, I suggest staying far away from me this week. I have a virtual gluten aura surrounding me this week. I’ve been spending extra time in the kitchen trying some new from-scratch recipes, including tonight’s gnocchi experiment.

In case you’re new to gnocchi, it’s basically an Italian potato dumpling. I prefer to think of them as potato pasta pillows. I, of course, found the recipe via Pinterest on The Art of Doing Stuff. It sounds intimidating, but it felt a lot like playing with Play-Doh. If you ever have extra mashed potatoes, you’ve to try it! It’s  a thousand times better than the gnocchi I tried from Aldi and probably cheaper (two cups potatoes, one cup flour, 1 egg, and a pinch of salt…that’s it!).

Did you know that you can also make a beautiful loaf of bread with mashed potatoes? Here’s the recipe. No yeast required!


0512161606 (1)

Potato pasta pillows!

0509161858 (1)

My yogurt cheese set-up.

I’ve also made my first cheese this week…sort of. All I did was put yogurt in some cheese cloth and let it sit in a strainer in the fridge overnight. The result was similar to the texture of cream cheese or goat cheese, and was pretty tasty with crackers.

Some people who start making more food from scratch put too much pressure on themselves. If you want to eat less processed food, I suggest picking a few items to change and then meeting your food a step earlier than usual.

If you typically get a box of cookies from the store, maybe consider refrigerated cookie dough as the next step. If you want to make homemade cookies from sprouted spelt flour that you ground yourself and honey that you harvested from your backyard beehive, go for it (and bring me some!). Just like weight loss, though, it’s okay to take it a step at a time.

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I shredded some zucchini to make meatballs and to put in the freezer for future baking projects.