A Redeemed Body Image


A couple of weeks ago, I attended the Gospel Coalition Women’s Conference in Indianapolis. This was an interesting nutritional experience, since I mostly ate whatever I could find at my parents’ house and in the volunteer lounge (trail mix, peanut butter and Nutella sandwiches, chips, M & M’s, apples, etc.). Don’t worry, everyone, I’m on the road to recovery now.

Among other exciting things during my visit, I was pulled over by the police for a broken, but still working headlight.”What coalition?” was his question when he asked where I had been coming from. Apparently, coalitions are cause for suspicion. 🙂

While I was there, I heard a powerful speaker named K.A. Ellis. I didn’t get a chance to attend her workshop, so I listened to it at home. With a title like Living Our Theology as We Disciple Others, I didn’t expect to hear such a deep message about identity and body image in light of a creative, all-powerful God. Please listen to it if you get the chance.


The Lawn Mower Killer


I’m a lawn mower killer. Not only did I break our lawn mower, but also our friends’ lawn mower. Follow that up with a van that doesn’t start and a refrigerator that won’t keep things cool, and I have a little bit of a mess.

It seems that even my strategy of pushing ahead through imperfections doesn’t always give me the end product I was hoping for. Let’s review.

  • There’s a weird long patch of grass in my backyard (thankfully, my husband mowed most of the remaining yard with the neighbor’s mower).
  • My food is packed into a mini-fridge waiting for a permanent home.
  • Some of the plants I started inside are doing great, but a lot of them died when I was forced to put them on the porch when the light I was using inside burnt out and then left them out overnight a little too early.
  • My volleyball training plan I wrote about in April is the last thing I’m thinking about.
  • I’m eating more chocolate and drinking more coffee than my digestive system prefers.
  • I haven’t blogged for a very long time. 🙂

All this to say that I have taken some hits to my confidence lately. To be honest, sometimes I just suck at things.

Thankfully, my life isn’t sustained by my self esteem. Just having confidence in my own abilities isn’t going to get me through. Things will go wrong. Sometimes very wrong. Sometimes it will be out of my control. Sometimes it will be completely my fault. At the end of the day, there’s not much I can do about it but get help when I need it and dust myself off and keep on going.

So, I am here to tell you that I’m not letting these recent issues keep me down. It’s been awesome to see how God has provided for us with rides and loaned vehicles while the van has been out of commission. I’m excited to see how God is working in our neighborhood as my church is in the beginning stages of a church plant there. We’re thinking about starting the process to adopt from foster care soon.There are too many awesome things going on for me to be negative right now.