The Stubbornness Factor


When you last heard from me, I said all the right things. I was honest about where I was tripping up, gave myself some grace, and said I would pick up from there and start heading in the right direction.

Well, this time the magic formula didn’t work.

Instead, I spent almost two weeks breaking promises to myself. I said I would cut back to one non-water beverage per day. This seemed reasonable since not too long ago I drank one coffee or pop per week. No dice. I made a goal to get more sleep. My Garmin yelled at me. In the last month, I averaged less sleep per night than 96% of my demographic. I don’t trust this number. Apparently, moms of very young children don’t use Garmins. Anyway, the only thing that has forced me into more sleep is my terrible, horrible, no good, very bad cold.

Why didn’t they work? Because, sometimes an adult brain works about the same as a toddler’s. I didn’t wanna. I wanted to eat and drink what I wanted, when I wanted. And, I wanted to stay up late staring at my phone and watching Netflix. Yes, the stubborn factor.

I am relearning that I have to play mind games with myself. Now, all I have to do is slow down when I’m eating and eat off dishes while sitting. And, guess what? It’s working. I’m changing way more than those two habits without even trying. Really? That’s all it took?!

I’m a little frustrated that I have to go through such a run around. For once, I would like to just cut to the chase and make a quick, painless change. Unfortunately, there aren’t any shortcuts. I just need to hang in there with the slow and methodical tweaks until my want-to outweighs my don’t-wanna. Time to put the pouty face away and be a grown-up.




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