Really Good R Blogs

In case you’re interested in reading other good weight loss blogs, I have a couple of recommendations.




The first one is called Roni’s Weigh. It’s written by Roni Noone who started her blog back in 2005 as a way to journal her weight loss journey. Now that she has lost 70 pounds and is maintaining her weigh loss, she shares her active lifestyle (running, CrossFit, family activities, etc) and talks about what life’s like on the other side of all of this.



The second blog has my favorite blog title ever: Runs for Cookies. If you know me, you know how I feel about dessert. I’m not a runner, but I’m certainly inspired by them. Katie lost 125 pounds in 16 months! She’s been writing for five years, so her blog is full of great stuff. It’s so nice to see stories like hers to remind myself that this is totally possible.



Hot Cheetos in My Yogurt

0229161534 (1).jpg

As I was sitting at my computer after work and trying this new flavor of Chobani Flip, Facebook yelled at me. Apparently, it’s been 10 days since my last blog post. So, here I am with nothing to exciting other than the fact that I love mango and this yogurt tastes like mango yogurt with hot Cheetos dumped in it. That probably sounds disgusting to most people, but I thought it was surprisingly tasty. Still odd, but tasty.

On a completely unrelated note, I have officially committed to coaching a Preschool/Kindergarten soccer team with my wonderful friend Melissa. I played one season of club soccer in college, and it was a halfhearted attempt because I was also in a play at the time. To sum it up, I was much better at playing a bear in the Magician’s Nephew than I was at playing soccer. However, I’m confident that I’m better that soccer than a significant percentage of 4-year-old kids. More good news is that my friend is a soccer expert and great with kids.

Since I’ve been slacking lately, I’ll post again tomorrow with some goal updates for March. Happy Leap Day, everyone!