Another year, another stomach flu

I started my new year with stomach flu or some such thing. Things have been touch and go with my acid reflux for a few weeks, and I am working on eating small meals due to a potential distal hernia. I was hoping to eat more than saltines, however.

With a scope on the schedule and new meds, it’s time to get serious about eating with my acid reflux in mind. This is not an easy task, because I should eliminate certain foods from my diet and that doesn’t tend to go well for long.

Now that I can eat again, my priorities will start with very small portions and eating slowly. Once I get those down, we’ll talk about the caffeine and chocolate…



Need to get back to the basics?

Basics: #1 – Don’t cover your hands in coconut oil before trying to write a blog post on your touch screen.

Even though my smeary, moisturized phone looks a bit like a Magic Eye poster, I’d like to share an article about the basics of health and fitness.

There’s so much information out there that I could spend my whole life Googling the essentials of weight loss, nutrition, and fitness. It’s hard to know who to trust.

When it comes to strength training, Nia Shanks has become my go-to source. I love her no nonsense approach. She has some great advice for busy women who are trying to wade through all the crazy out there:

Just remember that some is better than none. Don’t let perfectionism paralyze you.

Just another day

Well, another day, another drop in resolve. On the menu for the day so far: 2 peanut butter balls, a glass of milk, 2 cups of coffee, 2 slices of pizza, a side salad, and a glass of Coke Zero.

We had a lunch meeting at work today, and I’m not interested in passing up free pizza.

I’m learning that to make better choices, I typically need to wait when I’d rather have or do something now and do/have something now when I would prefer to put it off. Self control and discipline are tough.

On a not so bright note, I just left the dentist and have two cavities, along with my two hole-y teeth and a wisdom tooth heading the wrong way. The dental health isn’t looking good, even though the hygenist said she could tell I take care of my teeth. I keep getting older, so there’s only so much I can do to delay the inevitable, I guess. I’m just glad I’m not trying to ignore the pain anymore.


Quality vs. Quantity

Now that I’m to letter Q in the A to Z Challenge, I may be reaching a bit for my daily posts. There’s been a whole lot of quantity, and I hope some quality mixed in there too. I’ll admit that as an avid reader of young adult distopian novels I wanted to work “quarter quell” into my post (which I just did!). Like I said, I’m reaching a bit.

When faced with a choice between quality and quantity, quality always sounds like the best way to go. It seems to be en vogue to pick the full day cheese and a square of dark chocolate over the pint of fat free frozen yogurt. I completely agree with this strategy 90% of the time, but there are days when I want a lot of something. There are diets designed around this feeling (Volumetrics is one).

The problem is that I don’t tend to crave a giant bowl of iceberg lettuce. Usually, I want all the meat, pasta, cream cheese, and ganache. So, what’s a girl to do? I guess the main thing is trusting myself to indulge occasionally. The important things are what you do most of the time, so a big plate of pasta won’t affect much. The next thing is reminding myself that there are a ton of delicious, flavorful options that are also low calorie. I guess I need more time on Pinterest.


Parenting and Weight Loss


I thought about a couple of ideas for the letter P. “A Picture Perfect Day”came to mind. Perhaps, I could take pictures showing a great, fun-filled day and healthy food. I spoiled that early on when I forgot to take pictures of my amazing lunch (leftovers of crock pot tomatillo chicken verde that my hubby made yesterday and I turned into a taco salad). Add to that the somewhat dreary clouds outside. It was 30 degrees warmer yesterday. Now, I will need to bundle up to sit through the kiddo’s hour-long soccer practice later today.

Instead, I want to take a minute to talk about how parenting has affected my weight and weight loss. In August of 2014, an adorable little four-year-old boy moved into our home. As full as my heart was, I was also a little overwhelmed as one might expect from anyone who is learning to take care of a kid. On top of the emotional eating that I was used to, I also had to learn how to take care of myself while taking care of another human being. So, I ate at odd times and never put time aside for exercise. When I finally exhaled four months later, I had gained 15 pounds.

Part of the reason I wanted to lose weight was because I wanted have the energy to play outside and do fun things with him. I also wanted to be able to show him how to make healthy choices instead of just telling him what he could and couldn’t eat or do. There are so many things that I wanted for him. I wanted him to experience God’s creation. I wanted him to be active and enjoy life. I wanted him to be able to sit comfortably in a movie theater seat. I wanted him to realize that God made him just the way he was meant to be.

In order to encourage all of these things in his life, I needed to come to point where I also wanted them and pursued them in my own life. Kids learn a lot from watching. They soak it up like little sponges. I’ve loved seeing the light bulbs go off in his head about nutrition. He’s a big fan of my 5 pound kettlebell, too. Having the energy to do things like run around with him in the park across the street and kick around a soccer ball are priceless.

It’s been a hard process learning how to talk about weight, food, and exercise with him. I question myself a lot. A few months into losing weight, I noticed how much he noticed me tracking my calories all the time. I don’t want him to obsess about calories, so I decided to stop for the most part. I wish I could see into the future to see how my words and actions will affect him. What if we say the wrong thing? What if everything backfires somehow? But, there’s not really a way to know all of that. Instead, I’m just trying to take it one step at a time and trusting God to smooth out the rough edges.

Outsmarting Myself

There are times when I’m too stubborn for my own good. Recently, I decided not to weigh myself until May 5th. I also decided to track my food until then. The last few days have been tough to stick to that plan, and I convinced myself that I should hang in there and make it happen. The issue was that I was sticking to a goal just because and not because it was helping me.

This morning, I decided after a lot of thought that I needed to make a change now. I weighed myself (236.6 for a total of 38.4 pounds lost) and stopped tracking. In fact, I’m taking a break from forcing myself to make goals. However, I’m not going to make the mistake of making sweeping declarations. If I want to make a goal, I will. No pressure, though.

Finally, I have the break I’ve been waiting for. Sometimes, I need to step back and make sure the reasons behind my decisions are solid. I have blind spots. We all do. This time, I’m glad that I took the time to outsmart myself (my husband also suggested this, but I had to process it myself before making the leap).

Weigh-in Day! – 7/23/15


We’re heading to Chicago for our annual Legacy Conference trip! We missed last year, so I’m super excited! I love Chicago and urban ministry, so this is a perfect conference. In other news, here’s my weigh-in.

Current weight: 253.8

That’s right. I’m up. A lot. I have an explanation for this. I ate more than usual AND I only worked out once. Earthshattering, I know. Now, I get to go to a land of pizza and Italian beef and try not to lose all my progress. Wish me luck!